Live Life, Breathe Music

Room To Breathe

Taken from the Album "Lives Lost, Lessons Learned"

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Can't Move On

Taken from the Album "Lives Lost, Lessons Learned"

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"Apologize" Cover

Nick Hall and Ade Holbrook - "The Acoustic". Click on the link below for more songs..

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So There It Is...


I'm not sure where there is exactly, but I'm pretty sure it's not where I used to be. In fact where I used to be looks pretty tired and boring compared to where I am now, the days seemed longer and the colours somehow seemed more faded ... like someone put a big yellow filter across the sky and blocked out all the brightness in the world. Maybe there is actually here and I've been wandering around looking for something that was already right in front of me but someone's put a big sticker on it saying 'this is there and it's not for you..' Still it seems to me that here's a pretty good place to be right now, which has to make you wonder what the point of saying 'so there it is' was in the first place. Man my head hurts when I think about it... I mean if everything's out there for the taking you'd think everyone would have already taken it so there'd be nothing left out there at all .....wouldn't you?... All I know is nothing's as simple as you first expect it to be..'there' is quite often not there at all.... in fact most of the time 'there' is actually 'here' and you just need someone to believe in you enough to make you realise that sticking with 'here' isn't a bad thing to do at all and you should ignore 'there' completely.....

So................there it is...

'Live Life, Breathe Music..'.

Lives Lost, Lessons Learnt

Debut Album, recorded in a variety of studios, bedrooms and houses between Birmingham, London and Los Angeles, with some of the UK's finest songwriters and producers. Available to buy at iTunes, Amazon and all online digital retailers

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Limited run CD available via Paypal here:

'Sticks and Stones' - The official song for UK Anti Bullying week, in support of Download at iTunes

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